I’m Really Tired Of Darrell Issa


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has been little more than a scandalmonger since ascending to the Chairmanship of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in January of 2011. After the 2010 elections that paved the way for his chair, he told reporters he wanted the committee to “hold seven hearings a week times forty weeks” (Politico). I guess that’s a lot of time to fill, so hell, why not create scandals out of nothing?

Part of the problem, according to the Watchdog Institute* is that Issa routinely hires “staff members with close connections to industries that could benefit from his investigations,” including former staffers for the ignominious Koch Brothers. Thus we have the specter of ideological and certainly unethical, if not perhaps even illegal (or at least, what should be illegal) investigations as perfected for the punditocracy of Fox News as the displays of the terrorists who seized the American embassy in Tehran were for the evening news in America (the analogy is not at all accidental; I am indeed implying that Issa and his slimy ilk are as dangerous to this nation as the inflamed radicals who at least had some reason to hate America).

Thankfully the year hasn’t treated Rep. Asshat well. As Steve Benen reports on MSNBC, between the backfiring of leaks to gullible reporters and attacks on esteemed Democrats on the committee, and the loss of his pet investigation when leadership determined he was doing more harm than good regarding the public perception of Benghazi, Issa seems to have come unhinged. He went after the Obama administration for violations of the Hatch Act of 1939 that were actually perpetrated during the Bush/Cheney administration, and just last week dismissed a scheduled hearing after reading his opening remarks when he realized the two witnesses – who he called – were going to contradict him, preventing them from testifying.

Thankfully the end for his chairmanship is near. He’s scheduled to end when this Congress comes to a close. He purportedly wants to remain, but no one expects that he will be given the chance, and certainly, losing his pet issue does not bode well for his future. He will leave having accomplished absolutely nothing but spending millions, maybe billions of taxpayer dollars on ego-driven asinine investigations that led to nowhere. And, of course, embarrassing anyone for whom integrity still means something.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, you miserable little shit.

Issa_Glasses *The Watchdog Institute now is known as the Investigative News Source.


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