Truth In Reporting? Two – The Benghazi Model

Hillary Testifying

Once again Fox News and its disreputable horde of “journalists” are demonstrating their tenuous grasp of reality – tenuous at best. Media Matters for America:

On the July 31 edition of America’s Newsroom, [Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine] Herridge promoted House Republicans’ accusation that Clinton’s signature on an April 2012 State Department cable proves that the then-Secretary “personally signed off on reducing security” in Benghazi (emphasis added for sarcasm).

This misleading accusation against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been dredged up by everyone, from Fox pundits like Sean (Of The Dead) Hannity, to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-Grandtheftautostan, CA). It doesn’t matter how many times you tell a lie, it will still be a lie. I’ll grant you may get some to believe it, but at this point in the conversation, is anyone going to suddenly be persuaded to adopt a different position? No. And I teach argument and debate, so signing off on persuasive failure really hurts me.

The fact is that every cable issued by the State Department bears the Secretary’s signature. It’s basic protocol, as the Washington Post said in April of last year.

[Attaching the Secretary’s signature] is done by the worker bees in the communications center. Moreover, every single cable from Washington gets the secretary’s name at the bottom, even if the secretary happens to be on the other side of the world at the time.

Because of this protocol, “Secretary Clinton ‘signed’ hundreds of thousands of cables during her tenure as secretary,” said State Department spokesman Patrick H. Ventrell. “As then-Secretary Clinton testified, the security cables related to Benghazi did not come to her attention. These cables were reviewed at the assistant secretary level.”

I get it; it’s an election year, and we’re already gearing up for the 2016 elections, so smear the oppositions front-runner as often as possible. Assuming anyone outside of your echo chamber is bothering to listen any longer.

This is a non story. Move on.


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