On The Equality Front

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Yet another example of virulent anti-LGBT behavior came to light in recent days, this time in Houston, Texas.

Pastor David Welch continues his war against Mayor Annise Parker, began before Parker was even elected Mayor. Eminently qualified – she is the only person in Houston history to hold the offices of council member, controller and mayor – Mayor Parker’s primary offense in Welch’s distorted world view is that she is openly gay, and has been with her partner for over 23 years (during which they adopted three daughters and a son, and have become national advocates for LGBT adoption. We are talking role model citizens here.). 

The current battlefront is over HERO – the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, passed in May of this year, with the Mayor’s encouragement and leadership. The measure extends equal protections to gay and transgender Houstonians, according to the Houston Chronicle. Welch’s group, immediately began to collect signatures for a repeal effort, but the Mayor announced on August 4 that the required 17,000+ valid signatures necessary to get the measure on the November ballot had not been collected. The Mayor did however, acknowledge that litigation to force the measure onto the ballot would likely be filed shortly, and thus has delayed implementation of the law until judicial review determines the validity of the disputed signatures. Time is short; Charles Kuffner is reporting the deadline for getting something on the November ballot is August 18, so we shall see if the courts can move that quickly. 

Welch’s group of moronic blowhards’ biggest argument seems to be the idea that equal rights for all are “unequal” or special rights for a few. That and “Think of the children in the bathrooms,” something they do so often one wonders if the real danger to kids is Pastor Welch and his ilk. From their website:

Our basic premise is “Equal Rights for all, not Unequal Rights for a few.” The fact that the mayor and eleven city council members would place the freedom and safety of all at risk to serve a personal agenda of Annise Parker and her national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender allies is a tragic reminder of the consequences of voter apathy during elections. The short term objective was first to work to defeat the ordinance before City Council, then to file, qualify and pass a referendum overturning it by vote of the people if needed.


The long term goal is to restore a sense of duty among God-fearing citizens who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs about morality, family, marriage and personal freedom, that our government depends on every one of us voting in every election for likeminded candidates – and even becoming one of those candidates. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Governments, like clocks, go by the motion men give them.” Our clock is broken but we have the tools and the know-how to repair it.

Who am I kidding? I don’t wonder if Welch and his hater’s posse are a danger to kids; I know it. The psychological harms that can come to young LGBT people as they listen to these assholes invalidate their very existence are monumental. Of that I have no doubt.

Stay tuned to David Badash’s New Civil Rights Movement website, as they do a great job of keeping their readers informed of these kinds of assholes.


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